This website is under construction.  It will be back with a fresh new look and a hearty focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design.  Because the health and wellness of you and your family, in harmony with the planet, is what really matters.  Please call, email, or text if you have a dream or vision that you desire to turn into reality for your home or business.  

Tanya from Auxilio Design is an excellent designer and a very special person. Everyone is impressed with how lovely my place looks and how it reflects me. Not an easy thing to do. I can't recommend her highly enough.


~Anne H.

Hillcrest, San Diego CA

First of all I'll start of by saying that I had hesitance in working with another designer. I contacted Tanya and from the very beginning she was receptive and responsive. We met and I explained what I needed and she seemed to understand. We worked in stages as that is what I had requested. I was BLOWN AWAY by what she delivered. She was able to calm the chaos of my home and make it feel just right. I seriously cried when I 1st walked into my home after she had done her thing. I look forward to working with her again in the future!


~Robin T.

Bay Ho, San Diego CA

I hired Tanya for a lighting project after getting overwhelmed with updating my lighting myself. Tanya got a feel for my style and then found the perfect sconces! We decided on a kitchen pendant for the dining room and flush mounts for the entryway that compliment the look. She even coordinated the perfect ceiling fans. The difference a cohesive and edited look made was astounding!

Tanya has excellent style and is so pleasant to collaborate with. Overall, the process was fun and creative, but also well worth the effort for something that has such a positive impact on our lives daily! I highly recommend Tanya for interior design, or just to help with a single project like mine. She'll change your life (or at least your living space)!


~April R.

Talmadge, San Diego CA

Tanya is very talented and a joy to work with. I look forward to working together again and would definitely recommend her!

~Mindy Mellenbruch

Real Estate Photographer

Bankers Hill, San Diego CA

My experience working with Tanya was utter perfection. She has brilliant ideas and a commitment to affordability. She was patient, creative, understanding and professional throughout the entire process. She utilized existing pieces in fresh ways, found bargains for new items and worked diligently to reorganize my home.

~Forest F.

Normal Heights, San Diego CA


Tanya from Auxilio Design came to my house and honestly never made me feel like a failure. The process was so easy and so fun! She came to my house, I sent her pictures of my style, we worked out a budget, and then she did everything! It was like Christmas morning every time she texted me asking about a paint color or pillow. Then not only did she clean, organize, decorate, she works close with a contractor if you need repairs! Tanya was literally answers to my prays! We were able to work in phases, because we are working on one income! Our home is now the home me and Dustin always wanted!

~Brittney G.

North Park, San Diego CA

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